Trees in Crystal Palace Park

Did you know that there are 2,792 trees in Crystal Palace Park?

There are 164 different species, including ten types of oak! We also have a number of trees with potentially edible fruit, herbs and nuts, including cherries, mulberry, plum, elder, bay, walnut, crab apple and pear.

Zoom in, pan around and click on a tree to see more.

All the data came from a Freedom of Information request to Bromley Council, which you can see here. If there are errors, blame them.

The data released under FOI can only be used for personal purposes, though I am publishing this in the spirit of the provision for fair dealing allowing "non commercial education". More info on that can be found here (PDF). I may be slightly overstretching the mark with this map, and will take it down if the council ask with good reason. You do not have permission from the council to take the trees data and do something with it yourself. I have asked them to release it as open data so everyone can do interesting things with the council's data on trees it owns.

This web page is published by Tom Chance. You may also be interested in the Transition Town map for the area.